Ultimate in resolution and percision

TESCAN S9000X guarantees ultimate resolution and surface sensitivity essential to resolve the most challenging nanosized structures while providing the best conditions for large-volume 3D sample characterisation thanks to its unmatched FIB and SEM column capabilities that enable precise, damage-free, and extremely large-area cross-sectioning

  • Key Features

    • NEW iFIB+™ Xe plasma FIB column 2 μA probe current, Fast and precise piezo-driven beam aperture change and gun alignment
    • Precise piezo-driven beam aperture changer for fast switching between FIB pre-sets using a strip with 30 FIB apertures for extended lifetime and minimum maintenance
    • Next generation Essence™ SW user interface Application-oriented, fully customisable and user-fridnly layout
    • World's largest FIB and SEM Field of views; Unmatched FIB Field of View: 1 mm at 30 keV
    • Samrt and unique Triglav detection system Multi-detector system consisting of TriSE™ and TriBE™ enables collection of SE and BSE in the entire take-off angle range for maximum information of the sample
    • Smart and patented In-Flight Beam Tracing™ Adaptive spot shape optimization for better performance at high currents
    • Enhancement of detection limits in TOF-SIMS analysis terfere with the detection of other elements such as Ce, Ge and Ga itself).
    • EquiPower™ lens technology for efficient thermal power dissipation and excellent electron column stability
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