HRX-01 Digital Microscope

High resolution 3D digital microscopy

The HRX-01 features a brand new high resolution camera, a newly developed intelligent stand combined with high end motorized lenses, bringing digital microscopy to a completely new level.

  • Key Features

    • Large aperture lens - Provides super high resolution and crystal clear image
    • Fully motorised zoom lens for easy operation and improved accuracy
    • Telecentric lens without distortion for precise measurement
    • Wide angle high resolution - One-shot observation with magnification starting from 10x
  • Meet the new Hirox HRX-01 digital microscope

    An introduction to the new features, functionality and applications of the HRX-01 that sets the standard for digital microscopes.

  • Hirox NPS Nano Point Sensor metrology

    NPS Nano Point Scanner

    Add Metrology capabilities to your digital microscope

    THE NPS module is a white light confocal point sensor. When coupled with a high-precision motorised stage it enables non-contact sub-micron altitude/Z-measurements on any surface resulting in a 3D surface.

    It affords a wide range of measurement modes on 2D profiles and 3D shapes including various roughness parameters, sphericity, curvature, length, height, radius, angle, volume and much more. Analyse regions up to 4000µm and correlate these back to manufacturing/design specification.

    Learn more about the NPS metrology module.