This comprehensive course has been designed for chemists, materials scientists, metallurgists, mineralogists, geologists etc. It gives an excellent background into the technology, its uses, instrumentation, sample preparation and generation and interpretation of data.

The course has been designed so that it can be delivered at your site or at an AXT office and can be tailored to suit your requirements.

The Introductory XRF Training Course is a 1 day theoretical course. It can be supplemented by a half day hands on training course that can be tailored to your specific instruments.

XRF training Rigaku AXT

Course Content

The Introductory XRF Training Course will cover the following aspects.


  • Importance of XRF and comparison to other methods (SEM/EDX, ICP, AA, Raman and TIMA)
  • History of X-rays
  • XRF and XRD – Complimentary technologies
  • Applications of XRF

XRF Theory

  • Properties of X-rays
    • Wavelength/Energy spectra
    • Photoelectric effect
    • X-ray lines (K alpha/beta, L lines)
    • Absorption and scatter of X-rays
    • Infinite thickness
  • Instrument design and components
    • Tube design
    • Spectrometer optics – goniometer, collimator, crystals
      Tube above vs. tube below designs
    • Detectors – flow detector, scintillation detector
    • Periphery – cooling, P10 gas, cabinet temperature
  • Basics of XRF calibrations
    • Relationship of intensities and concentrations
    • D and E values
    • Matrix effects and their correction (alphas, Compton scatter)
    • Overlaps and their correction
    • Infinite thickness
  • Sample preparation
    • Fusions (flux, additives, sample-flux ratio, Pt-ware etc.)
    • Pressed powders (grinding effects, mineralogical effects, pressure etc.)
    • Liquid samples
  • Measuring  samples
    • Measurement modes
    • Data interpretation
  • Errors in XRF
    • Sample preparation
    • Calibration errors
    • Instrument errors

Hands-on Instrument Training (Optional)

The hands-on instrument training can be added to the Introductory XRF training course cementing the teachings of the previous day. It is conducted in small groups to ensure all participants get optimal first hands-on  training and experience. It can also be tailored to your specific instrumentation.

This half day course for up to 4 people includes:

  • Sample preparation
  • Sample measurement
  • Data analysis

Instructor – Dr. Stani Ulitzka

Stanislav Ulitzka - XRF applications specialist

These training courses are presented by Dr. Stanislav (Stani) Ulitzka, AXT’s in-house Applications Specialist. Stani is a mineralogist with more than 25 years of experience working with XRD, XRF and other complimentary technologies.

He has worked with instruments from various manufacturers including Rigaku and is now available to provide training and applications support.

Benefit from Stani’s vast experience and learn what you need to know to become an expert in XRF and XRD.

We also offer XRD training courses.