Rigaku Miniflex chamber XRDAXT’s XRD training course provides an overview of XRD technology and its applications. It has been designed to give chemists, materials scientists, metallurgists, mineralogists, geologists etc. the knowledge to understand and apply the technique to their respective application areas.

It starts from first principles to give you a thorough understanding so that you can confidently measure and report qualitative and quantitative XRD results.

This theoretical training course can be supplemented by hands-on training with your instrument.

We can bring the course to your site or hold it at an AXT office at a time to suit you. It can also be combined with our XRF Training Course.

Course Content

Rigaku Smartlab XRDThe XRD training course covers topics including:

  • Introduction
    • Basic crystallography
    • History of X-rays
    • XRD and XRF – Complimentary technologies
    • Applications
  • Instrument design and components
    • Tube design
      Sealed tube and rotating anode generators
    • Diffractometer optics
      Goniometer, collimator, crystals, slits, parallel vs. Bragg-Brentano optics, in-plane arm
    • Detectors – scintillation detector, D/teX, HPAD
    • Sample holders and other attachments
      Controlled atmosphere, heating/cryo stages, in-situDSC, battery attachments etc.
  • Sample presentation
    • Powders (grainsize effects, packing/preferred orientation, sample height and width)
    • Thin-films
    • Capillary/fibres
    • Single crystal
    • Protein
  • Qualitative XRD
    • Acquisition of patterns
    • Peak search
    • Phase search and match (ICDD)
  • Quantitative XRD
    • Calibration method
    • RIR method
    • Rietveld refinement
    • WPPF method

Instructor – Dr. Stani Ulitzka

Stanislav Ulitzka - XRF and XRD applications specialist

presented by Dr. Stanislav (Stani) Ulitzka, AXT’s in-house Applications Specialist. Stani is a mineralogist with more than 25 years of experience working with XRD, XRF and other complimentary technologies.

He has worked with instruments from various manufacturers including Rigaku and is now available to provide training and applications support.

Benefit from Stani’s vast experience and learn what you need to know to become an expert in XRF and XRD.

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