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Next generation of tools for life scientists. Including breakthrough workflows in cellular biology and translational medicine.

Latest Review

  • The Lumascope 620 with 1200-pixel frame sizes and a 20X objective provides far brighter and more uniform illumination than I have ever seen on any microscope using a standard Xe, Hg, or incandescent illuminator. Bravo!

    R. ZuckerUniversity of California, Berkeley | Neurobiology Division

Our Life Sciences Team

  • Steve Hunter

    Steve Hunter

    Preclinical imaging specialist

    A physicist by training, I have spent 18 years in bio-medical research in flow-cytometry at major research institutes in Melbourne. My sales career focussed in microscopes initially before specialising in microscopy imaging. For the last twelve years I have specialised in pre-Clinical Imaging Systems (in vivo) across a range of platforms including Optical, Ultrasound, CT, MRI and PET.

  • Poonam Sharma

    Poonam Sharma

    Life Science and Bioprinting Product Specialist

    Expert in the field of 3D in vitro cardiac models including 3D bioprinting and stem cell technologies with a strong background in Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences


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