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Next generation of tools for life scientists. Including breakthrough workflows in cellular biology and translational medicine.

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  • The main attraction was the SPARC’s outstanding light collection efficiency which is made possible by a high precision alignment system for the parabolic mirror that collects the CL signal. Read more

    Prof. Matthew PhillipsEmeritus Professor - Faculty of Science

Our Life Sciences Team

  • Simon Kinder

    Simon Kinder

    Life Sciences Sales Manager

    Having made the leap from pure research to industry over 15 years ago, I have spent that time building a diverse skill set in capital equipment sales. Starting as an application specialist, I have progressed through product management for two major microscopy manufacturers to my current role as sales manager for a life science focused team.

  • Alejandra Rodriguez de Kelly

    Alejandra Rodriguez de Kelly

    Product Specialist

    With a transferable and varied professional background with significant experience in the areas of Molecular Biology, pre-clinical research and cancer. My skill-set includes biotechnology, education, sales and regulatory affairs, alongside a personal passion for translational research and the pharmaceutical industry. Happy to help in the pursuit of new tools to increase and optimise scientific outcomes.

  • Umesh Nair

    Umesh Nair

    Product Specialist

    By leveraging my position at AXT, I aim to fill the gap between scientist and technology by providing the most cutting edge tools to help assist in research.

  • Steve Hunter

    Steve Hunter

    Preclinical imaging specialist

    A physicist by training, I have spent 18 years in bio-medical research in flow-cytometry at major research institutes in Melbourne. My sales career focussed in microscopes initially before specialising in microscopy imaging. For the last nine years I have specialised in pre-Clinical Imaging Systems (in vivo) across a range of platforms including Optical, Ultrasound, CT, MRI and PET.


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