SPECT Module for CT & MRI

Exceptional SPECT Upgrade for the MR Solutions series of MRI’s and CT’s for sequential SPECT-MRI or SPECT-CT

  • Key Features

    • Multi-modality mouse, whole body, imaging with PET, CT & MRI
    • Easy expansion Designed with a digital system allowing easy expansion, maintenance and upgradeability
    • Quick Easy fitting to MR SOLUTIONS MRS Benchtop MRI and CT systems
    • Co-registered with MRI The SPECT images can be co-registered and fused with the MRI images from the MR Solutions MRI Systems providing multi-modality anatomical functional data

The new MRS-SPECT for small animal imaging is based on multi-pinhole technology, allowing high resolution and high sensitivity.

As for the PET, the MRS-SPECT coupled with MRS cryogen-free MRI’s and CT’s systems is the first pre-clinical modular system that dramatically increases the workflow in research laboratories.

For the first time, and without buying multiple systems, researchers have the choice between different imaging system configurations:

Stand Alone SPECT



The MRS-SPECT is available in different configurations with different trans-axial field of views allowing imaging from mice to rats.

Resolution: 0.8mm (3DOSEM)
DOI: No Gantry rotation Up to 100 pinholes Exchangeable collimators
AFOV: Effective Axial FOV 14mm; Extended Axial FOV 100mm
TFOV: Effective Reconstructed Trans-axial FOV 70mm
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