3D Photoacoustic Imager

Next-generation photoacoustic imaging (PAI) systems

The Luxonus 3D Photoacoustic Imager provides exceptional imaging of blood vessels and can provide detailed structure of organs and tumours.

  • luxonus 3D photoacoustic imager

    Key Features

    • 3D images to 0.1mm resolution - for intra-organ and tumour related studies
    • Real-time monitoring - during acquisition
    • Video imaging function - up to 30Hz
    • Utilises near-infrared light - for safety and to enable repeated measurements
    • No contrast dye required - for imaging blood vessels

Luxonus Inc. is a company which uses the new principles of photoacoustic technology to develop image diagnostic devices which can provide super-high-resolution 3D imaging of blood vessels and lymph vessels safely and easily without using radiation exposure

  • 3D Photoacoustic Imaging

    This video introduces the principles of photoacoustic 3D imaging, more specifically the application of vascular imaging for medical applications.  It demonstrates how photoacoustic imaging can be used to quickly and easily generate high-resolution, highly detailed 3D images of vascular networks. Unlike other techniques such as MRI or CT, photoacoustic imaging requires no dyes or contract agents.

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