IVM-MS – Two-Photon Smart Intravital Microscopy

IVIM Technology produce innovative in vivo Live-Cell imaging platforms

Dedicated multiphoton microscope with integrated fs-fibre laser for intravital imaging.

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    Key Features

    • Ultra-High-speed Imaging (max. 100 fps - 512x512 pixels)
    • Motion Artefact Compensation
    • Fast GPU-accelerated processing
    • Self-Contained IVM System
    • Fully Integrated for in vivo imaging
    • Physiological monitoring & homeostatic regulation of animal
    • Equipped with a new compact high-efficiency fs-pulse laser module within a single box
    • Even illumination using ultrafast-rotating polygonal mirror scanner

IVIM Technology’s All-in-One intravital confocal IVM-MS (Two-Photon Smart Version) is extensively optimised and carefully engineered to provide superb performance in the intravital imaging of live animal models in vivo. The main microscope and animal imaging area are self-contained.  Key functions for imaging animals are integrated:

  • Body temperature monitoring and automated regulation system
  • Anaesthesia apparatus optimized for integration into animal stage
  • Animal motion stabilization apparatus customized for various organs
  • Implantable imaging window apparatus customized for longitudinal observation of various organs

The IVIM-MS (Two-Photon Smart Version) incorporates non tuneable two-photon imaging system and a polygon scanning system for Ultrafast scanning and uniform illumination at scan rates up to 100fps @512×512 pixels.

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