IVM-M Two-Photon Intravital Microscope

IVIM Technology produce innovative in vivo Live-Cell imaging platforms

Dedicated multiphoton microscope for deep intravital imaging.

  • IVM-M two photon intravital microscope from IVIM Technology

    Key Features

    • Ultra-High-speed Imaging (max. 100 fps - 512x512 pixels)
    • Motion Artefact Compensation
    • Fast GPU-accelerated processing
    • Self-Contained IVM System
    • Fully Integrated for in vivo imaging
    • Physiological monitoring & homeostatic regulation of animal
    • 4-colour simultaneous confocal imaging
    • Even illumination using ultrafast-rotating polygonal mirror scanner

IVIM Technology’s All-in-One intravital confocal IVM-M (Two-Photon) is extensively optimized and carefully engineered to provide superb performance in the intravital imaging of live animal models in vivo. The main microscope and animal imaging area are self-contained.  Key functions for imaging animals are integrated:

  • Body temperature monitoring and automated regulation system
  • Anaesthesia apparatus optimized for integration into animal stage
  • Animal motion stabilization apparatus customized for various organs
  • Implantable imaging window apparatus customized for longitudinal observation of various organs

The IVM-M (Two-Photon) incorporates a tuneable two-photon imaging system and a polygon scanning system for Ultrafast scanning and uniform illumination at scan rates up to 100fps @512×512 pixels

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