MRS*PET/MRI – Sequential

Compact PET module for PET, PET-CT and PET-MRI Studies

Exceptional PET Upgrade for the MR Solutions series of MRI’s for sequential PET-MRI studies

  • Key Features

    • Benchtop design Can be detached from the MRI or CT for independent PET imaging
    • Sequential PET-MRI imaging up to 9.4Tesla with any MRI bore size
    • Sequential PET-CT
    • Detachable from the MRI (and CT)
    • Compact and Light weighs less than 17Kgs and operates off two small cables
    • Can be operated independently of the MRI with the addition of a benchtop table
    • Enables Multi-modality imaging

The MRS*PET CLIP-ON is designed for sequential multi-modality imaging in combination with MR Solutions MRS*DRYMAG MRI (up to 9.4T) and MRS*CT. This PET module can also be operated as a stand-alone bench-top PET system. The MRS*PET CLIP-ON has a revolutionary modular design allowing researchers to select their trans-axial field of view (tFOV) and axial field of view (aFOV). The system has the capacity to scan whole body subjects ranging from rodents to large animals (i.e. guinea pigs or rabbits). The PET module can be detached from the MRI and coupled to the CT or to its own gantry bench-top for standalone operation. This dramatically improves the workflow of the laboratory and limits the cost as only one PET module is required for either  PET-MRI or PET-CT imaging.

The MRS*PET CLIP-ON is available in different configurations with different trans-axial field of views, allowing imaging from mice to marmosets. The axial field of view can be extended up to 150 mm by having an integrated 3 PET ring design.

  • Solid-state design
  • Dual-crystal DOI detectors
  • Axial FOV 50.4, 102.5, 154.6 mm
  • Transaxial FOV 80 or 120mm
  • Benchtop PET module on its motorised bed system

  • Clip-on PET Module

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  • Fluorescent Microscopy
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