MRS* CT Pre-Clinical CT’s

Versatile CT with a variety of bore size and resolutions. PET & SPECT upgrade capable.

The MRS-CT is part of the range of in-vivo imaging systems from MR Solutions which include the world’s first range of commercial, superconducting, cryogen-free (dry magnet), benchtop MRI systems and innovative PET and SPECT modules.

  • Key Features

    • Four CT models; MRS*CT BT(Benchtop), MRS*CT 80, MRS*CT 120 & MRS*CT 240 available with high resolution and variable zoom (model dependent)
    • Multimodality Compatible with MRS*PET CLIP-ON, MRS*PET INSERT & MRS*SPECT CLIP-ON
    • From rodents to large (>12Kgs) animals MRS-CT systems are available with different transaxial field of view
    • High field MR compatibility MRS-CT can be installed next to MR Solutions MRS* DRYMAG MRI up to 9.4T
    • Complete animal handling solution

The preclinical MRS*CT system from MR Solutions are designed for stand-alone CT operation and sequential multimodality imaging in combination with MR Solutions MRS*PET and MRS*SPECT modules. The PET and SPECT modules are detachable from the MRS*CT and can be coupled with MR Solutions’ MRS*DRYMAG MRI’s. This dramatically improves the workflow of the laboratory and reduces the cost as only one PET and/or SPECT module is required to accomplish PET/CT, SPECT/CT, SPECT/MR & PET/MR imaging.

The MRS*CT is available in four models covering animal models from rodents to large (>12Kg) animals.  The imaging resolution varies from >40µm resolution to <3µm resolution (model dependent).

  • MR Solutions MRS*CT BT (Benchtop CT) with MRS*PET “Clip-On” module

  • MR Solutions larger bore, floor-standing CT with PET “Clip-On” module

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