MRS*DRYMAG Preclinical MRI Systems

Small high performance MRI with no liquid helium

The 9.4T MRI is part of the range of the world’s first range of commercial, superconducting, cryogen-free (dry magnet), compact MRI systems.

  • MR Solutions preclinical MRI using cryogen-free high-field dry magnet technology

    Key Features

    • High field strengths – 3T, 4.7T, 7T and 9.4T with option for variable field strength
    • Dry magnet technology – Reduced size; low weight and negates the need for liquid helium
    • Range of bore sizes – Up to 42cm
    • MRI superior soft tissue contrast and optional molecular imaging – Ideal for visualisation, quantification and translational studies
    • High spatial resolution – Perfect for visualisation and quantification
    • Superior field homogeneity - Minimal noise and with no temperature drift
    • Low fringe field – Can be installed alongside other instruments
    • Multi-modality ready – Easily add PET or SPECT
    • Complete animal handling solutions

MR Solutions Dry Magnet Technology

MR Solutions pioneered high-field cryogen-free dry magnet technology for preclinical MRI. They have brought production of their superconducting magnets in-house to ensure quality and to allow faster development of new magnets.

Advantages of cryogen-free superconducting magnets for MRI include:

  • No need for liquid helium
  • No need to liquid helium cooling systems
  • Resultant MRI systems are much smaller and lighter, easily able to fit into labs and eliminating the need for dedicated expensive infrastructure such as reinforced floors
  • No need for costly quench-pipe systems
  • Minimal magnetic fringe fields – of the order of centimetres compared to metres for wet magnet systems. This means you can house multiple instruments in the same room.
  • Actively shielded so no need for Faraday Cages

MRS*DRYMAG Preclinical MRI Systems

Rampable field strength9.4T7T4.7T3T
Dry magnet/Cryogen-freeYesYesYesYes
Bore size42cmNoYesYesYes
PET CompatibleInsertYesYesYesYes
PET/CT/MR CompatibleClip onYesYesYesYes
SPECT CompatibleClip onYesYesYesYes

Applications of Preclinical MRI Systems

MRS*DRYMAG MRI Systems have many applications in preclinical imaging. These include:

  • General imaging research
  • Anatomical imaging
  • Angiography
  • Cardiovascular imaging
  • Oncology
  • Neurology
  • Spectroscopy
  • Embryology
  • MR Solutions cryogen-freedry magnet preclinical MRI coparison with wet magnet preclinical MRI

    Dry Magnet MRI vs Wet Magnet MRI

    By way of comparison, a MR Solutions dry magnet 9.4T MRI weighs approximately 700 kg, compared to a similar strength wet magnet MRI which is of the order of 5000kg.

    The compact nature of the system, with no liquid helium cooling system means that it can be easily positioned in your lab. Furthermore, the lightweight avoids the need for such things as reinforced floors. This means that your dry magnet MRI can be installed on any floor of your building as well as in biosafety laboratories.

  • MR Solutions cryogen-free dry magnet MRI variable field strength

    Variable Field/Rampable Dy Magnets

    MRS*DRYMAG can be provided with up to three additional field strengths to assist translational studies.  The ramping process is easy and quick. For instance from 7.0T to 3T for clinical and preclinical translational imaging studies, to 1T for contrast agent development, to 0.5T for ex-vivo studies.  This offers great versatility.

  • Preclinical MRI imaging with PET - multimodal imaging

    Mutli-Modal Imaging

    Your MRI can be enhanced with the addition of other imaging modalities for more detailed studies including hard tissue:

    • PET/MR – Simultaneous PET and MR imaging using a PET insert permits acquisition of multi-parametric information on the same animal
    • PET/CT/MR – Clip-on technology brings unique plug-and-play functionality without duplicating any of the imaging modalities
    • SPECT/CT/MR – Clip-on technology brings unique plug-and-play functionality without duplicating any of the imaging modalities

    Left – Mouse brain imaged using PET/MR


  • SmartMI AI enhanced MRI image from MR Solutions

    SmartMI – AI Enhanced Imaging Capabilities

    Imagine if you could produce images equivalent to a 7T MRI with a 3T MRI system. SmartMI, a recent development from MR Solutions makes this possible. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) improved by more than 3x providing much greater levels of clarity and detail.

    SmartMI is available on all MR Solutions MRI systems (from 3T to 9.4T) and can also be added to existing installations.

    The figure shows a mouse brain with a very low SNR imaged with at 7T MRI using a GRE T2* sequence. The slice thickness is 0.2 mm / 12 slices with an in-plane resolution 98 x 98 µm2. The low quality was generated deliberately to demonstrate the performance of SmartMI in figure 2b with an improved SNR of 3.5x.

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