InAlyzer DEXA System

Fast, efficient DEXA system for small animal research

DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorption) body composition analyser for laboratory animals

  • Medikors InAlyzer - Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry body composition analyser

    Key Features

    • Compact benchtop design for efficient use of imaging laboratory
    • Fast scans from <30 sec for high throughput and low animal dosage
    • Fan-beam X-ray technology identical to that used in clinical system for high accuracy and reproducibility
    • Up to five regions of interest in analysis for detailed analysis of anatomical regions
    • Low X-ray dosage perfect for longtitudinal studies
    • Report driven output for seamless integration into research reports

Medikors Inc developed InAlyzer, a diagnostic X-ray imaging system, which uses DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorption) to analyze Bone Mineral Density and Body Composition (BMC, FAT, LEAN) of live laboratory animals with precision of 0.001g. The InAlyzer is fast (scan times from <30sec), accurate and reproducible due to the fan-beam X-ray technology. It is also fully shielded for complete safety for the researcher.

The InAlyzer will support animal models from mice through to small canines with efficient throughput. To add to the capabilities, up to five regions of interest can be set to focus results on areas like the spine or a femur.

Benefits of Using the InAlyzer DEXA Body Composition Analyser

  • Get total scan results in under 5 minutes
  • Scan the same animal multiple times over extended time periods to monitor real changes
  • Minimise the number of animals required for each study
  • Eliminates the need for animal sacrifice and saves time
  • Very cost-effective
  • Scans whole animal or region of interest
  • Extremely safe for operators with a fully shielded enclosure and safety interlocks to prevent accidental X-ray exposure
  • Features and Benefits of the InAlyzer DEXA Body Composition Analyser

    Run time – 5:20min

    Take a tour of the Medikors InAlyzer DEXA body composition analyser.
    Learn about the key features of the technique and how it will benefit your workflow. Find out about the design features and see how these will suit your specific requirements.

  • Overview of the Medikors InAlyzer

    Run time – 2:40min

    This short video provides a complete run down on the capabilities and operation of the Medikors InAlyzer DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorption) system for determining Bone Mineral Density and body composition of small animals.

  • medikors inalyzer body composition analyser - analysis views

    Analysis Views

    The InAlyzer body composition analyser offers several different analysis views including:

    • Super-resolution X-ray imaging
    • Bone imaging
    • Tissue imaging
    • Body composition imaging

    Furthermore, body composition images are provided in color to be easily checked for areas with high body fat ratio.

  • Mouse Fat Analysis

  • Rat Spine  – Bone Density Analysis

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