... see things never seen before using novel x-ray contrast mechanisms

From the innovators of leading X-ray CT instrumentation

  • Sigray Prisma X-ray microscope XRM

    Key Features

    • Sub Micron Absorption Mode Providing critical information on sub micron features entering into nanospace
    • Subresolution DarkField Contrast Mode Highlighting hidden cracks, voids, and other sub-pixel features
    • Quantitative Phase Contrast Mode*** Makes it easy to distinguish between low-Z materials, such as polymers, and provides quantitative access to the electron density*
    • Tri Contrast Tomography Using the revolutionary SIGRAY patented MAAT source for Absorption, Phase and Dark Field contrast
    • X-ray Energy Tunability With the possibility of different anode materials and design energies
    • Tensor Tomography Extending Tri-Contrast to reveal Structure Orientation
    • Spectral Imaging Providing the finest in contrast
    • SIGRAY 3D A user friendly Windows 10 app for seamless system control and interaction
    • POWERFUL RECONSTRUCTION TOOLKIT Including advanced CPU- and GPU-accelerated algorithms for computed tomography
    • ***NOTE Quantitative Phase is different than the largely qualitative propagation phase contrast (PPC) that is obtained in conventional microCTs/XRMs

The World’s First and only Tri-Phase Sub Micron Resolution Laboratory micro-XCT System – … “bringing synchrotron capability to your home-lab” Dr. Wenbing Yun Founder of SIGRAY

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