World's only dedicated 4D X-ray imaging

A dedicated 4D X-ray CT capable of real time experiments and seamless integration with external apparatus

  • TESCAN DynaTOM dedicated 4D microCT system

    Key Features

    • Unique design for 4D dynamic imaging World’s first dedicated lab-based micro-CT system for fast dynamic in situ imaging
    • High temporal resolution dynamic (<10 sec) in situ X-ray imaging Unique design with rotation X-ray source and detector
    • Fast continuous acquisition a continuous uninterrupted acquisition to monitor dynamic processes at high resolutions
    • Dedicated system for in situ imaging The seamless fixed sample design is ideal for the integration of peripheral in situ testing equipment
    • 4D software tools dedicated software tools for in situ equipment integration, 4D reconstruction, automatic event detection and dynamic visualisation
X-ray source 130 kV / 35W
X-ray detector 1900×1500 px
CMOS flat panel
Spatial resolution 2-3 µm1
Max. CT FOV ( x h) 200 mm x 480 mm
Max. sample weight 45 kg
Max. temporal resolution < 10 seconds
Motorization 8 stages mounted on a high precision granite base
System dimensions (approx.) 1.7 x 1.8 x 2.2 m (W x L x H)2
System weight (approx.) 4900 kg3
  • In-situ 4D microCT imaging of croissant while baking

    Visualizing the changes in the internal structure of a frozen croissant which is heated to 175°C. The baking process is visualized using a self-developed X-ray transparent heating chamber on a unique dynamic microCT system. The frozen sample was placed in a preheated (80°C) chamber and the temperature was increased to 175°C over a period of 22 minutes, resulting in 335 datasets. A 3D reconstruction was generated every 4 seconds.

  • metal foram deforming under load observed using computed tomography CT

    Compression of Metal Foam Sample

    Dynamic (4D) observation of the compression of a metal foam.

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