Radioflex Portable X-ray Systems

Unmatched reliability & robustness

A proven equipment performer in the field

  • rigaku radioflex tube heads

    Key Features

    • Robust and reliable - These systems just keep going
    • Power outputs to suit your radiography needs - 200 kV | 250 kV | 300 kV (Directional)
    • Local service and spare parts - Minimises downtime
    • Great value for money

The Rigaku tube heads have been used for many years by NDT companies around the world because of their reliability and robustness.  These systems offer excellent value for money and can be serviced at our service centres in Belmont WA and Warriewood NSW.

Models available:

  • RF-200EGM2:  Tube voltage 70 kV to 200kV, Focal spot size (nominal) 2.0 mm x 2.0mm
  • RF-250EGM2:  Tube voltage 110 kV to 250kV, Focal spot size (nominal) 2.0 mm x 2.0 mm
  • RF-300EGM2:  Tube voltage 130 kV to 300 kV, Focal spot size (nominal) 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm

We can also supply Fujifilm industrial X-ray film and chemicals and Protec automatic film processors. Ask for a bundle deal to get a better price!

  • Tripod Stands for Radioflex Tube Heads

    AXT have designed and manufactures tripod stands to suit Rigaku Radioflex tube heads/radiographic generators. These stands can be used with all EGM and EGS series radioflex RT systems.

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