Digital Detector Arrays – DDA (Flat Panel Detectors)

Flat panel detectors designed to meet a broad spectrum of imaging applications

A range of digital detectors designed for those who are looking to build their own customised imaging systems or needing a digital film alternative

  • flat panel detector for digital radiography

    Key Features

    • Large range - Various sizes, energy ranges and resolutions
    • Broad range of imaging applications - Industrial, NDT, security, medical
    • Superior - Digital image quality and high throughput
    • Capabilities - CT, build-your-own X-ray system, gamma rays

Flat panel detectors offer an alternative to industrial X-ray film in radiographic NDT applications. In comparison to film, digital X-ray detectors provide instant imaging and allow you to adjust exposure settings on the fly and optimise images on the spot. This means you no longer need to take film back to your office to process. Rather, you can see images immediately and move on to your next shot with total confidence, thus accelerating your workflow and making you more productive.

Flat panels like the Varex XRpad2 series offer:

  • High-resolution imaging – 100 μm pixel pitch
  • Dynamic imaging – Up to 8 fps 
  • Fast preview image
  • Robust and lightweight design
  • Competitive pricing

Acceptance of Flat Panel Detectors

Digital radiography incorporating X-ray detectors is now an accepted methodology. For more details refer to ASTM E2698-18e1, ASTM E2737-10(2018), ASTM E2597M-14 and others.


Digital radiography and the use of flat panel detectors has applications in many areas of NDT including:

  • Oil and gas
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Automotive and motorsports
  • Weld inspection
  • Asset management
  • Security

Detector Models

ModelPixel Pitch (µm)Energy RangeActive Area (cm)Scintillator Type
XRD 1611 xP 10040kV – 15MV (XRD 1611 AP)
20kV – 15MV (XRD 1611 CP)
41.0 x 41.0Direct deposit CsI or Gadox
XRD 1621 xN ES20040kV – 15MV (XRD 1621 AN ES)
20kV – 15MV (XRD 1621 CN ES)
41.0 x 41.0Direct deposit CsI or Gadox
XRD 302510020 – 225kV (G-22)
20 – 450kV (G-45)
30.0 x 25.0Gadox or Csl:TI
4343HE13930kV – 16MV
(dual energy)
42.7 x 42.7 DRZ+
XRpad2 3025i10020 – 225kV30.0 x 25.0Direct deposit CsI or Gadox
XRpad2 4336 HWC10020 – 150kV43.0 x 35.0Direct deposit CsI or Gadox
XRpad2 4336i10020 – 225kV42.6 x 35.0Direct deposit CsI or Gadox
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