GemX Portable Digital Radiography Systems

Highly portable X-ray generator for digital radiography

160 kV tube head for digital radiography

  • Key Features

    • Compact size - Ideal for difficult to access places
    • Beam type - Constant potential
    • Battery operated - Can be used with no external power for ultimate portability
    • Lightweight - Easy to transport/manoeuvre
    • Focal spot size - down to 200 µm microfocus
    • Digital radiography compatible
    • Communication options - Bluetooth (v4.), wireless (up to 80m) or wired ethernet


ModelPotential (kV)Current (mA)Power (W)Focal Spot Size (µm)Etermal Dimensions (mm) without handleWeight (kg) incl. batteries
µGemX-15050 to 1500.1 to 2150200287 x 282 x 19316.3
GemX-15020 to 1500.1 to 2150500x700287 x 282 x 19316.3
GemX-16050 to 1600.1 to 2160500x700287 x 282 x 19316.3
GemX-20050 to 2000.1 to 2200500x700314 x 358 x 226,525
  • Maestro – Digital Radiography Software

    Maestro software is designed specifically for digital radiography. It will help you increase your productivity by enabling complete onsite imaging as well as the ability to adjust exposure settings on the run to optimise image quality so you can be sure you see any defect that is present.

    Maestro also now offer CT capabilities.

  • X-RIS Gemx portable digital radiography accessories


    A host of accessories are available for the GemX portable digital radiography systems to help make your life easier:

    • Laser centering device
    • Lead cap for tube for safe warmups and seasonings
    • Magne(c filters holder
    • Tripod
    • Flashing lights and buzzers available
    • Cable reel with 40m ethernet cable
    • Carrying case
    • Maestro Control software
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