The first micro-CT to combine high temporal resolution with sub-micron resolution

Combining 600nm resolution with the ability to perform uninterrupted in situ scanning – 4D imaging.

  • TESCAN UniTOM HR high resolution dynamic micro-CT

    Key Features

    • Sub micron resolution - Down to 600nm using a nano-focus X-ray source, high quality detector and precision optics
    • True 4D imaging - High temporal resolution (down to 5 sec) enables continuous, uninterrupted scanning
    • 3D in situ experiments - Continuous sample rotation and scanning enabled by “no cable wrap” interfaces
    • High throughput - Fast frame rate detector + high flux x-ray source = high temporal resolution allowing faster sample processing

The TESCAN UniTOM HR is the world’s first sub-micron dynamic micro-CT. Using a high power nanofocus X-ray source precision optics and high speed detector, this versatile system allows you to perform true 4D scanning with a temporal resolution of 5 seconds. Combined with “no cable wrap” slip-ring technology, this system is ideal for dynamic in situ studies where you can observe changes in your sample under changing load, temperature, pressure etc. which can more accurately simulate real world operating conditions.

With the release of the UniTOM HR, TESCAN continues to push the bounds of what is possible and offers you a glimpse into the future.


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Consumer Products and Packaging
  • Building Materials
  • Soil Sciences
  • Oil E&P
  • Food Science
  • Advanced Packaging for Electronic

  • High Spatial Resolution

    The TESCAN UniTOM HR achieves a spatial resolution down to 600nm allowing to you to observe even the smallest defect or feature.

    Combining a nanofocus X-ray source with your choice of detectors ensures your configuration is optimased for both resolution and contrast, providing the best possible images for applications in materials science, geosciences, life sciences or semiconductors.

  • tescan micro-CT high temporal resolution bubbles

    High Temporal Resolution

    Continuous, uninterrupted scans through a full 360° allow you to capture every event with a temporal resolution of 5 seconds.

    A high-power X-ray source, fast detectors and poweful Acquila and Panthera software allows you to control and monitor acquisition, reconstruction and visualisation throughout the entire experiment so that no event will be missed.

  • Multi-Scale CT Imaging Versatility

    The UniTOM HR’s large sample enclosure caters to a variety of samples. With a maximum sample size of 70 by 50 cm (h x ø) and a maximum imaging envelope of 40 by 32 cm, combined with Volume Of Interest Scanning (VOIS) capabilities, the TESCAN UniTOM HR provides multi-scale CT imaging.

  • Designed for Dynamic In Situ Experiments

    The UniTOM HR inherits many of the in situ design features originally found in in the TESCAN DynaTOM that permit dynamic in situ experiments. These include the in situ connection interface panel that provides access to in situ rigs from outside the system and “no cable wrap” slip-ring technology allowing continuous sample rotation.

  • Testimonial from KU Leuven

    Prof. Martine Wevers and Dr. Jeroen Soete of KU Leuven share how their experience with Dynamic micro-CT and explain why they believe it is indispensable for materials engineering and more.

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