The first micro-CT to combine high temporal resolution with sub-micron resolution

Combining 600nm resolution with the ability to perform uninterrupted in situ scanning – 4D imaging.

  • TESCAN UniTOM HR high resolution dynamic micro-CT

    Key Features

    • High resolution - 600nm spatial resolution
    • Best-in-class scan times enabling high throughput - Temporal resolution < 5sec
    • Highly modular - Up to 3 detectors in one system including spectral micro-CT imaging
    • Sample size up to 1 meter tall and 60 cm dia. - Optimised for speed or resolution
    • Powerful, in-house developed software – PantheraTM and AcquilaTM (ask for demo)
    • Dynamic micro-CT ready - Perform true 4D imaging at high resolution

The TESCAN UniTOM HR is the world’s first sub-micron micro-CT that is also dynamic micro-CT ready. Using a high power nanofocus X-ray source, precision optics and high-speed detector, this versatile system offers you the ultimate combination of spatial and temporal resolution in 3D, while geometry and configuration flexibility allows you to optimise for contrast and phase differentiation.

This system is dynamic micro-CT ready and can perform true 4D scanning with a temporal resolution of 5 seconds using truly continuous scanning. Combined with “no cable wrap” slip-ring technology, this system is ideal for dynamic in situ studies where you can observe changes in your sample under changing load, temperature, pressure etc. which can more accurately simulate real world operating conditions.

With the release of the UniTOM HR, TESCAN continues to push the bounds of what is possible and offers you a glimpse into the future.


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Consumer Products and Packaging
  • Building Materials
  • Soil Sciences
  • Oil E&P
  • Food Science
  • Advanced Packaging for Electronics

  • Imaging Speed

    Through a combination of optmised hardware and imaging strategies, imaging times with the UniTOM HR are reduced from hours or days down to minutes, with temporal resolution <5sec.

    • Fast, efficient, fully integrated detectors
    • Continuous rotation scanning
    • Flexible geometry to optimise X-ray flux
    • High power X-ray sources – including high-resolution
  • tescan unitom hr spatial resolution

    Image Quality

    Marrying state of the art X-ray sources, precision stages and high-quality detectors, all TESCAN micro-CT’s can achieve 600nm spatial resolution.

    • Best in class image quality
    • Excellent contrast between different materials enabling phase differentiation
    • High signal to noise ratios for improved phase segmentation
    • High resolution – sub-micron even on large samples to see the smallest details
  • Versatility

    • Hardware offers 10 degrees of freedom – optimise for speed or resolution
    • All motors operate independently
    • Large chambers cater for he twidest range of samples and in situ experiments
    • Intuitive VOI (Volume of Interest) scanning
    • Complex trajectories for complicated samples and fundamental research
    • Feed through’s allow for a variety of experiments
  • tescan unitom hr micro-ct modularity


    Multiple detector slots allows you to:

    • Have flexibility for your experiments – optimise for resolution, contrast or imaging modality
    • Futureproof your investment
    • Take advantage of new imaging modalities
  • Dynamic Micro-CT

    An option made possible by the above-mentioned factors i.e. speed, versatility and image quality

  • Testimonial from KU Leuven

    Prof. Martine Wevers and Dr. Jeroen Soete of KU Leuven shares their experience with the TESCAN UniTOM HR high-resolution micro-CT and explains why they believe it is indispensable for materials engineering and more.

  • independent review of CR scanning speed

    Independent Review of CT Scanning Speed

    This independent review by researchers at the University of Warwick which presents a critical evaluation of acquisition parameters across recent high-speed studies by commercial machine users.

    “The only systems currently available on the market that can seemingly achieve these sorts of speeds are all made by TESCAN that has 4D scanning as their marketed unique selling point.”

    when the authors referred to exposure time, in particular image acquisition time of high-speed lab-based systems and a study by Zwanenburg et al. from the University of Warwick that achieved an acquisition time of 9.4sec, which was much faster than the next competitor at 1min.

    Read the full paper here.

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