UX50 – Industrial Computed Tomography

Computed tomography system for industrial environments

Combining enormous flexibility, intuitive operation, and extreme durability for a future-proof investment.

  • Comet Yxlon UX50 computed tomography CT

    Key Features

    • Modern, compact design – Easily integrates into existing workflows
    • Powerful 450kV source – Ideal for large dense components
    • High efficiency operation – Automated calibrations and image sharpness measurements
    • Maximum flexibility – Using line detector array and/or flat panel detectors
    • Complete package - Comprehensive CT techniques and image enhancement software

The Comet Yxlon UX50 CT system has been designed for industrial applications where it caters for large components (850mm tall x 600mm dia, 100kg) while the 450kV source allows you to examine the densest materials non-destructively in 2D or 3D. All of this industrial computed tomography capability has been packaged into a compact system that can be easily integrated into your workflow on the shop floor where it will become an invaluable QA/QC as well as for product development. 

Design Flexibility 

The Comet Yxlon UX50 can be configures with a line detector array and/or flat panel detector. This gives you the flexibility to use any number of CT scanning modes such as Cone-beam CT, Helical CT, FoV extension, Volume Crop, QualityScan, QuickScan® and Fan-beam CT. 

Simple, Intuitive Operation 

Powered by Comet Yxlon’s Geminiy icon-driven user interface, the UX50 brings computed tomography imaging within the reach of even more technicians. The system guides users through measurement, acquisition and image optimisation leading to meaningful, reliable results. 

Applications of industrial Computed Tomography

The UX50 is suited to a wide range of industrial computed tomography applications including, but not restricted to: 

  • Automotive 
  • Additive manufacturing/3D printing 
  • Foundry 
  • A Brief Introduction to the Comet Yxlon UX50 Computed Tomography System 

    Run time – 45 sec 

    The new UX50 inspection system for large and dense samples, ideal for industrial and quality control applications.

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