EVO Series Tube Heads

Award winning portable X-ray systems

World’s leading constant potential radiographic tube heads for NDT applications

  • Key Features

    • New design - Guarantees a smarter workflow, with many time saving options, like a built-in exposure calculator and Bluetooth compatibility
    • Robust, high quality build - Ensures reliability, when in the workshop or in the field
    • System versatility - 160kV to 300kV | Directional | Panoramic | Crawler | Air & watercooled
    • Focal spot sizes from 1mm to 3mm - For high penetration, shorter exposure times and high resolution results
    • Local service - Saving you and your client valuable time and money
    • OEM integration & support - A perfect system development partner for your production requirements

The Comet X-ray (formerly Yxlon) range of EVO series tube heads offer constant potential X-ray power which minimise exposure times.

EVO Series Tube Head Specifications

EVO 300DEVO 225DEVO 200DEVO 160D
Weight (kg)29262322
Height (mm)774708635611
Focal Spot Size EN 12543 (mm)
High Voltage Adjustment (kV)50-30040-22530-20020-160
mA Adjustment0.5-4.50.5-5.50.5-6.00.5-7.0
Max X-Ray Power (W)900900750750
Beam Angle (°)40×6040×6040×6040×60
Leakage Radiation (mSv/h)Max. 5.0Max. 5.0Max. 2.0Max. 2.0
Temperature Range (°C)-20 to +50-20 to +50-20 to +50-20 to +50
Cont. Exposure 35°C (Max kV and mA)Min. 1hrMin. 1hrMin. 1hrMin. 1hr
High-Power Systems
Model Number300D 1200225D 1200
Max X-Ray Power (W)12001200
Small Focal Spot
Model NumberEVO 300DSEVO 225DS
Focal Spot Size EN 12543 (mm)1.01.0
Water-Cooled Systems
Model NumberEVO 300DWEVO 225DWEVO 200DWEVO 160DW
Water-Cooled + Small Focal Spot Systems
Model NumberEVO 300DSWEVO 225DSW
Panoramic Systems
Model NumberEVO 300PEVO 200P

If you are looking for lightweight tube heads offering improved portability, please refer to the Comet X-ray ECO Series lightweight tube heads.

  • Introduction to EVO Series Portable X-ray Systems

    Overview of the EVO series tube heads and control EVO (formerly SMART EVO series from Yxlon before rebranding).

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