Award winning portable X-ray systems

World’s leading constant potential radiographic tube heads for NDT applications

  • Key Features

    • New design - Guarantees a smarter workflow, with many time saving options, like a built-in exposure calculator and Bluetooth compatibility
    • Robust, high quality build - Ensures reliability, when in the workshop or in the field
    • System versatility - 160kV to 300kV | Directional | Panoramic | Crawler | Air & watercooled
    • Focal spot sizes from 1mm to 3mm - For high penetration, shorter exposure times and high resolution results
    • Local service - Saving you and your client valuable time and money
    • OEM integration & support - A perfect system development partner for your production requirements

Smart EVO Specifications

 EVO 160DEVO 200DEVO 225DEVO 225DS
Small Focal Spot
Small Focal Spot
Weight (kg)222326262929
Height (mm)611635708708774774
Focal Spot Size EN 12543 (mm)
High Voltage Adjustment (kV)20-16030-20040-22540-22550-30050-300
mA Adjustment0.5-7.00.5-6.00.5-5.50.5-5.50.5-4.50.5-4.5
Max X-Ray Power (W)750750900900900900
Beam Angle (°)40x6040x6040x6030x6040x6030x60
Leakage Radiation (mSv/h)Max. 2.0Max. 2.0Max. 5.0Max. 5.0Max. 5.0Max. 5.0
Temperature Range (°C)-20 to +50-20 to +50-20 to +50-20 to +50-20 to +50-20 to +50
Cont. Exposure 35°C (Max kV and mA)Min. 1hrMin. 1hrMin. 1hrMin. 1hrMin. 1hrMin. 1hr
Water-Cooled Models
Model Number160DW200DW225DW225DSW300DW300DSW
Cont. Exposure 30°C
Max kV/Max mA
Cooling Water Flow Rate (l/min)>2.5>2.5>2.5>2.5>2.5>2.5
Max. Inlet Temp.40°C40°C40°C40°C40°C40°C
  • Introduction to YXLON SMART EVO Series Portable X-ray Systems

    Overview of the SMART EVO family tube heads and control EVO

  • YXLON Panoramic Portable X-ray Systems

    Provides highlights of the SMART EVO 200P & 300P panoramic portable X-ray System, including the unique features of these high performance systems and game changing advantages of the CONTROL EVO.

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