Dereo X-Ray Panels / Digital Detectors

Immediate in-field imaging

Save time, have images within seconds with digital imagind.

  • XRIS digital flat panel X-ray detectors for NDT

    Key Features

    • Imaging within seconds - No need for film, processors or chemicals
    • Optimisation of images on site
    • Portable and stationary options
    • Easy set up and intuitive operation
    • Battery-powered and wifi options
ModelTypeActive area (cm)Pixel size (µm)Grey level (bit)External dimensions (mm) ecl. bumpersWeight (kg) incl. batteriesWirelessBrochure
Dereo HE 1723High energy17 x 237516208 x 256 x 302.7YES
Dereo HE 252325 x 3212416322 x 355 x 193.8YES
Dereo HE 364336 x 4314016400 x 470 x 195.9YES
Dereo HE 404040 x 4020014 or 16605 x 586 x 2512.3YES
Dereo HR 1506High resolution15 x 6491480 x 230 x 26.51
Dereo PS 2530Portable Smart24 x 3068 or 12016256 x 410 x 777.2
Dereo RAD
Silver film replacement25 x 3212416
Dereo RAD
30 x 3014516
Dereo RAD
40 x 4020014 or 16
Dereo UP 2530Ultra portable25 x 3010016412 x 321 x 172.8YES
Dereo UP 364336 x 4310016543 x 430 x 174.0YES
Dereo RT 1515Upgrade for X-ray cabinets15 x 15119
Dereo RT 232323 x 23179
Dereo RT 253225 x 32124
Dereo RT 303030 x 30145
Dereo RT 434343 x 43139
  • X-RIS Dereo HE 1723 X-ray detector - digital detector for NDT

    Dereo HE Series – High Energy X-Ray Detectors

    Designed fo heavy duty inspection applications

    • Battery-powered
    • Wireless control
    • Dereo HE detcteors are conpatible with all existing sources (X-ray, gamma, beta, betatrons, linear accelerators etc) and all energies
    • They feature a robust construction with tough handle, bumpers, miltary grade connectors and IP67 certification for in-field operation
  • X-RIS Dereo HR high resolution X-ray detector for NDT inspection

    Dereo HR Series – High Resolution X-Ray Detectors

    • Ultra-high resolution – 49µm pixels size
    • Ultralight and compact
    • Battery-powered
    • Easy and quick set up
    • Excellent signal to noise ratio
  • x-ris - PS series X-ray detectors - Portable X-ray flat panel detector for quick on-site inspectionAnts were fantastic features,

    Dereo PS Series – High Resolution X-Ray Detectors

    Portable X-ray flat panel detector for quick on-site inspection:

    • Battery-powered – highly portable
    • Simple setup and usage
    • Instant results
  • Dereo RAD Series - X-ray detector eplacement for silver radiography film

    Dereo RAD Series – X-Ray Detectors for Replacing Silver-Based Film

    • Easily transition from X-ray film to digital imaging
    • Directly digital imaging – no need for film or developing
    • X-ray video (1 fps)
    • Excellent signal to noise ratio
    • East set up
  • Dero UP Series – Ultra Portable X-ray Detectors

    • Integrated battery and wireless module
    • Ultra-light
    • They feature a robust construction with tough handle, bumpers, miltary grade/magnetic connectors for in-field operation
    • Fast and easy set up
    • Images generated within seconds


  • X-RIS Dereo RT - X-ray detector upgrade for cabinets

    Dero RT Series – X-Ray Detector Upgrade for Cabinets

    • Real-time localisation of defect zones
    • Combines radiography and radioscopy
    • Autonomous – requires no synchronisation with existing X-ray generators or electromechanical manipulation systems
    • Ideal replacement for film or conventional DDA
    • Direct imaging, generates images within seconds
  • Maestro Software for Digital Radiographic Inspection

    • Powerful & intuitive interface
    • Zoom in/out, rotate, flip, crop
    • Real time magnifier
    • Real time filters (defect, noise, edge, noise reduction)
    • Smart measurement tools
    • Compliant with all major NDT standards – ISO 17636-2, ASTM-E 2698, , E2736, E2737, E2597, Safran PR5250, Airbus ATTM 6-7007 & Boeing BSS-7044
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