Industrial X-ray Film & Chemicals

Great value, high quality, constant performance, excellent service & fast delivery

For industrial radiography applications

  • Key Features

    • Film grades - Suitable for all ASTM E1815 classifications
    • Film sizes - Popular film sizes available ex-stock
    • All packaging types - Vacu Pack +Pb, interleaf, non-Interleaf, daylight envelope, roll and roll-pack film
    • Processing chemicals - Suits automatic & manual systems
    • Competitive pricing - Guarantees savings on your NDT consumables
    • Customer service - Friendly & responsive

FUJIFILM INDUSTRIAL X-RAY FILM – Features revolutionary new film technology.  The combination of the latest in emulsion science and computerised manufacturing processes, assure consistent batch to batch performance, optimum image quality and compatibility with all NDT chemistries and automatic/manual processing systems.