Tensile/Compression Module

World class materials testing capabilities

World leading in situ materials testing of tensile and compression characteristics using your SEM.

  • Tensile/Compression Module

    Key Features

    • Outstanding load ranges. With load ranges from 10µN up to 5000 N (10kN option) observations of surface changes under controlled mechanical load is achievable across a wide range of materials
    • High resolution and flexibility. Extensometer resolution is less than 100nm with more than 30 different clamp types to fit almost any specimen and further customisation upon request if required
    • Heating and cooling options. Heating and cooling options are available with ranges from room temperature up to 1000° C or +/- 100° C and includes PID controller
    • EBSD compatible. A sub-stage option allowing for EBSD clearances and tilt is also available making this module extremely versatile
  • Fibre Tensile Option

    In-situ observation of tensile testing experiments at extremely low forces, yet very high load resolution (down to 1×10-5 N). The tensile speed range is 0,1 to 20 µm/s. These features, coupled with maximum stiffness of this substage, allow very accurate measurements on fibers of down to 2.5 µm diameter, and several millimeters in length. The specimens can be observed statically or dynamically at magnifications well beyond 10,000 x magnification. With the inclusion of a fine tungsten wire, that touches the specimen from underneath at 90 degrees, heating up the specimen locally is also possible.

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