In Situ TEM gas and temperature platform

The Climate gas & heating solution enables dynamic studies of cyclic specimen transformations in gaseous environments at elevated temperatures and sub-Angstrom level.

  • DENSsolutions CLIMATE gas and heating TEM platform

    Key Features

    • Continuous real-time control of all in situ parameters (temperature, pressure, flow, gas composition)
    • Low dead volume gas flow allowing for more critical gas mixtures
    • The most stable system on the market in terms of image drift after a change in gas/heating/pressure parameters
    • Modular system design eliminating cross-contamination and providing flexibility for experimental design
    • EDX compatible tip with an option for the highest possible resolution
  • DENSsolutions-Climate-Vaporizer for ontroducing water vapour into your TEM experiments


    The Climate G+ Vaporizer now allows you to better replicate actual service conditions by controlling water vapour content within the reaction chamber inside your TEM. Ideally suited to in situ sties involving catalysis, nanomaterial growth and corrosion. 

    Independently control water vapour pressure (0 to 25 mbar) to produce an environment that more closely represents real world operating conditions by adding water vapour to your own tailored mix of 3 other gases, with control over:

    • Pressure
    • Flow rate
    • Temperature

    For more details download the product datasheet. 

  • Climate – Gas and Heating TEM Platform

    See what gas into the Climate TEM platform and how it all fits together.

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