Model 1070 NanoClean

Enhanced imaging and analysis

Cleans specimens and holders immediately before insertion into an electron microscope; removes existing carbonaceous debris from the specimen and prevents contamination during imaging and analysis

  • Key Features

    • Standard and specialised specimen holders - The NanoClean readily accepts one or two side-entry specimen holders for all commercial transmission, scanning transmission, and scanning electron microscopes. An additional port allows large, bulk objects to be placed in the chamber for processing. This is ideal for scanning electron microscopy or surface science applications. A specialised specimen holder port allows the cleaning of specimens contained on carbon grids.
    • Imaging with confidence - Plasma cleaning is an essential final step in the preparation of specimens for electron microscopy. Use the NanoClean to be confident that carbonaceous contamination will not interfere with imaging or analysis, even during fine probe microanalysis for extended periods
    • Multiple gas inlets - The NanoClean contains three mass flow controllers and is designed to accept multiple gases. Typically, the time-proven gas mixture of 25% oxygen and 75% argon is connected to one of the gas inlets. The NanoClean is fitted with two additional gas inlets that accept gas supplies that can be blended using the NanoClean's internal mass flow technology. An automatic matching network ensures that the high-frequency power is effectively coupled to the plasma and the delivered power is suited for the application. The matching network regulates plasma power for a variety of conditions, objects to be processed, or gases employed
    • An oil-free vacuum system is essential to prevent contamination. The vacuum system for the NanoClean consists of a turbomolecular drag pump and a multistage diaphragm pump, an ideal combination for establishing suitable vacuum characteristics to activate and sustain the plasma. The vacuum level is measured by a Pirani gauge
  • Model 1020 Plasma Cleaner

    The Model 1020 Plasma Cleaner cleans specimens immediately before they are inserted into the electron microscope. A low energy, inductively coupled, high-frequency plasma effectively cleans a specimen surface without changing its elemental composition or structural characteristics. Highly contaminated specimens can be cleaned in 2 minutes or less. The plasma cleaner readily accepts side-entry specimen holders for all commercial TEMs and STEMs and can accept bulk specimens for cleaning before SEM or surface analysis.

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