Cryo Module 80 Kelvin

Enabling your SEM with cryo capabilities

An extremely low vibration level cryo module that runs on liquid nitrogen, adding new capabilities to your SEM

  • Key Features

    • Low vibration level - The temperature exchanger geometry inside the cryostat body, the so-called "whirlpool" chamber, runs at very low vibration levels, and minimum liquid nitrogen consumption making it ideal for SEM characterisation
    • Temperature controlled - Any temperature from room temperature down to 80 Kelvin can be maintained through the use of a PID controller
    • Versatile - Numerous versions are available offering different capabilities from an air-lock compatible sample holder to an integrated Faraday cup for observing induced currents
  • Cryo-Stage 5 Kelvin

    A PID controlled liquid helium cryo-stage complete with three manipulators. Capable of working with the cryo-stage and/or the manipulators separately depending on your research requirements

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