FIB Stub 3.0

Simplified FIB lamellae preparation

Prepare lamellae directly on your Nano-chip inside your FIB

  • DENsolutions FIB Stub 3.0 Simplifies TEM Lamellae Prep

    Key Features

    • Ease of Use - both sample and chip are located on the same stub
    • Improved imaging - by removing shadows in the final polishing stage
    • Smart clamping - allows damage free installation of the chip and the sample on the stub
    • FIB safe geometry - minimising crash possibilities with the pole piece, GIS or the manipulator
    • Compatible with every FIB

Product Review

  • The new DENS stub is very useful when making samples for in-situ TEM heating and biasing experiments. The refined copper clamping system makes it easy to mount the chip in a safe way, while it is grounded at the same time to prevent charging. By using the angle of 45 degrees it is possible to finish a complete sample in one go without the system having to be aerated. So I am also very satisfied with this stub that makes work easier for me

    Stijn van den BroeckElectron Microscopy for Materials Science (EMAT) Antwerp
  • FIB Lamellae Procedure Using FIB Stub 3.0

    A demonstration of how the simplified lamellae preparation process works with the new FIB Stub 3.0.

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