In situ TEM Platform Combining Biasing and Heating

The Lightning in situ TEM heating and biasing solution allows to observe real-time dynamics of your specimen under a controllable electrical and thermal environment while maintaining the atomic imaging resolution provided by the TEM.

  • DENSsolutions lightning heating and biasing in situ TEM platform

    Key Features

    • Heating and Biasing Accuracy The only 4 point probe heating and 4 point biassing system in the market
    • Widest stimuli range The DENSsolutions MEMS-based chips cater for the highest temperature and electric fields
    • Simplified Sample Preparation Finally thinning on the Nano-Chip/FIB stub results in the best quality lamellae
    • Platform Flexibility The silicon nitride with metal heating/biasing lines allows flexibility for electron transparent window design as custom windows can be created on the chip using a FIB
    • High S/TEM performance Minor Z-displacement (bulging) preserves ultimate resolution and eliminates tedious stage movements


Up to 8 contacts for simultaneous biasing & heating

The Lightning Nano-Chips features 4-point-probe method to accurately control biasing and heating and retrieve meaningful data. The design of the Nano-Chip sustains the highest fields and temperatures to be reached (dedicated or simultaneous), enabling the characterization of today’s and tomorrow materials..

Sample Holder

Introducing the Nano-Chip to the microscope

Made from titanium for its optimal mechanical stability, the Lightning double tilt Sample Holder is the critical element connecting the Nano-Chip with the microscope: designed for the highest flexibility it is compatible with all TEM techniques and features a wide tilt range to be able to look at samples from most orientations.


Total control over the biasing & heating environment

For biasing experiments a source measuring unit (SMU) is required to precisely source voltage or current and simultaneously measure voltage and/or current. The majority of SMUs are compatible with the Lightning system and our preferred supplier/model is Keithley 2450. The Keithley 2450 can conveniently be controlled via the new Impulse SW. Different Keithley models or other can be controlled via the manufacturer’s own software.

Heating experiments are managed via Impulse software.

Impulse software

A seamless integrated system for total control

The new Impulse software provides the user with full control over temperature and electric field. It enables faster experimental setup, easy customization of the workspace and easy monitoring of the experiment

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