Heating Module

Adding new capabilities to your SEM

A stable heating module capable of temperatures up to 1500° C for a range of in situ SEM studies with gas capable micro-environments enabled

  • Key Features

    • Variable temperature - The heating module is capable of temperatures ranging from room temperature to 1500°C using a PID
    • Stable - Temperature stability of 1°C, maximum heating ramp rate of 5°C/s and the flexibility of choosing either ramp rate or step wise increments across the entire temperature range
    • Gaseous environments - Capable of creating micro-environments by admitting gases (NO Oxygen, NO Water) into the sub-chamber of the heating module and, with the motorised lid, can seal off the sample from the SEM chamber while heating
    • Versatile - A range of heating modules are available with maximum temperatures of either 300° C, 800° C, 1050° C or 1500° C
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