Making high-end manipulation on the micro and nano-scale practical and affordable

The NanoWorkstation is a powerful, dedicated system that allows physical manipulation and characterisation at the micro and nano-scale with ease adding new capabilities to your SEM or FIB/SEM instrument.

  • Key Features

    • More compact and more flexible. Small and practical with a plug-and-play system and modular components that allows for smooth integration into most SEM’s & FIB’s. Combined with a fast setup and removal and pioneering cabling technology adds another dimension to any SEM or FIB.
    • Robust and stable. With low drift (1 nm/min) and excellent stability the NanoWorkstation provides reliable operation (one year endurance test) with fast pre-positioning by hand and is virtually insusceptible to vibrations.
    • Faster and more precise. High operating velocity (up to 10 mm/sec) and sub-nanometer resolution (0.25 nm) with no backlash or reversal play provides extremely precise control and extensive working range (100 cm³).
    • Clearer and simpler. Intuitive control interface and software makes it user-friendly and easy to learn. With quick and easy tool exchange and compact, stand-alone electronics that provides effortless work with multiple manipulators.
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