In situ TEM Liquid Platform with Heating or Biasing

In Situ TEM Liquid, Liquid Biasing and Liquid Heating; perform precisely controlled dynamic liquid state experiments in your TEM.

  • Denssolutions strean in situ team platform

    Key Features

    • Fast switching Precision channel with no dead volume, which enables zero-contamination switching of the sample environment in seconds
    • Accurate Liquid flow and pressure A pressure-based liquid pump allows precision independent control of liquid low and gas pressure
    • Improved Imaging The liquid thickness can be controlled for optimal image resolution and contrast
    • Extended Chemistry Different gases can be used to pressurise liquids to create reactive saturated solutions
    • Modular Design Facilitates exchange of critical components to eliminate any cross-contamination

Pressure-based liquid pump

Gain full fluidic control 

The pressure-based liquid pump provides you with full control over the experiments

The new Nano-Cell

Controlled liquid environment within the microscope

The Stream Nano-Cells change radically the way experiments in liquid are performed.


  • Defined liquid channel and no dead volumes
  • Pressurized inlet and outlet to accurately define pressure and flow rate, independently
  • Drastically reduced bulging for easier imaging

Modular Sample Holder

Ensure a clean experiment with a removable tip & tubing

Once the Nano-Cell is placed into self-aligning precision slot within the Sample Holder tip, the O-rings and lid are sealed and the system is ready for vacuum testing. As the tip is removable, the internal liquid tubing can be replaced at any time to avoid clogging/cross-contamination and can be cleaned

  • In Situ TEM Study of a Battery Using the STREAM Liquid Platform

    The behaviour of a battery cell was dynamically observed in a TEM using a DENSsolutions STREAM in situ TEM liquid platform. The structure of the battery electrode can be seen to change under different/precisely controlled flow rates and biasing.

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