DENSsolutions Introduce New Liquid Supply System (LSS) for Liquid Phase Electron Microscopy

Liquid Phase Electron Microscopy (LPEM) using systems such as the Stream from DENSsolutions is an emerging technique used by researchers from many fields ranging from protein studies, to battery research, through to molecular self-assembly. DENSsolutions have introduced the next evolution in LPEM, with their new Liquid Supply Systems (LSS) which affords users unique capabilities with precise fluidic control for in situ TEM experiments and addresses the biggest issue with in situ liquid phase TEM.

DENSsolutions LSS Liquid Supply System for use with Stream for Liquid Phase Electron Microscopy - LPEM
DENSsolutions LSS Liquid Supply System for use with Stream for Liquid Phase Electron Microscopy – LPEM.

Using the new LSS, researchers will have full control over the microfluidic environment inside the Nano-Cell, i.e. the environmental MEMS sample carrier of the Stream, while simultaneously being able to independently control biasing or heating of their sample. This new system can be fully integrated providing greater flexibility and ease-of-use and while at the same time enabling complex imaging experiments in fewer steps.

Users of the Stream which won the Microscopy Today 2021 Innovation Award with LSS will benefit from:

  1. Improved levels of user-friendliness – The clever architecture of the LSS makes relocation, storage and set up a cinch while full integration with the Impulse user interface allows precise control over the in situ experimental environment and stimuli with automation
  2. High-resolution imaging and analysis – LPEM is traditionally hampered by the thickness of the liquid layer inside the sample chamber. LSS allows you to purge the liquid from the cell using air or an inert gas for optimal imaging and analysis conditions and easily re-introduce liquid again
  3. Reliable and reproducible results – The LSS is assembled using precision parts such as inlet/outlet pumps and flow meters providing unprecedented control during experiments allowing you to confidently compare results from different experiments and detect blockages in the system

The LSS is a next generation solution that integrates sensing, actuation and microfluidic components and extends the capabilities of your TEM. It is fully compatibility with the Stream platform, which has models suited to JEOL and Thermo Scientific TEMs. There is already an installation of the LSS at the University of Alberta Nanofabrication and Characterisation Facility (nanoFAB) in Canada, an open-access training, service, and collaboration centre.

The Liquid Supply System will prove itself to be beneficial for any researcher involved with the imaging and analysis of hydrated samples of matter suspended in a liquid where it will enable you to perform dynamic experiments. Some examples of application areas where LSS will have an impact include:

DENSsolutions LSS Liquid Supply System for use with Stream for Liquid Phase Electron Microscopy - LPEM
  • Life Science: DNA imaging, biomineralization, cell imaging and protein studies
  • Electrochemistry: studies of aqueous electrolytes and electrocatalysis
  • Material Science: studies of nanoparticle formation, self-assembly and growth