You partner for reliable in situ TEM solutions

  • Observing processes ‘on-site’ as they are occurring and under changing external stimuli is the paramount goal of in situ, time resolved techniques.

    DENSsolutions utilises MEMS devices, called Nano-Chips, to control the sample’s environmental surroundings and replicate real-life application conditions inside your TEM (see image above). The introduction of in situ capabilities into a TEM, transforms the system from a static imaging tool into a multi-functional laboratory.

    With DENSsolutions in situ microscopy solutions, researchers are now able to characterise structures, measure properties, evaluate performance and optimise processes & synthesis.

    All in one ultimate system!

    DENSsolutions products include:

    • Wildfire: Heating platform
    • Lightning: Heating and Biasing platform
    • Stream: Liquid, Heating and Biasing platform
    • Climate: Gas, Heating and Biasing platform
    • In situ control and analysis software