Revolutionary imaging on an 8k x 8k field-of-view

Ideal for cryo-EM of very large viruses or cellular tomography, the DE-64 delivers user-adjustable full-frame streaming at up to 46 frames per second, and offers unparalleled performance for electron counting.

  • Key Features

    • World first. The DE-64 is the only true 8k × 8k direct detector with the widest field of view of any direct detector. With nearly 4x more particles in a single image, the expansive 67.1 megapixel field-of-view dramatically decreases the number of images needed for each single particle experiment and improves 3D reconstructions by significantly improving CTF fitting.
    • Superior resolution. The DE-64 has 6.5 μm pixels optimized for superior resolution (MTF) over a broad range of magnifications and exposure rates, and it includes an integrated Faraday plate and 2k × 2k survey sensor.
    • The innovative movie-mode processing software enhances data quality through drift correction, per-particle motion correction, radiation damage compensation, and post-acquisition exposure setting.
    • Electron counting mode. The ability to enable the optional electron counting module for single electron counting, which has a ~50:1 (300 kV) signal-to-noise ratio, allows for direct detection of primary electrons, a truly revolutionary advancement in TEM data quality.
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