Flexible, seamless viewing on a 4k x 4k field-of-view

The DE-16 features the 10th generation of our revolutionary Direct Detection Device (DDD®) sensor, delivering industry-leading resolution and flexible, seamless viewing on a 4k x 4k field-of-view. The DE-16 is our most versatile direct detection TEM camera that enables TEM experiments not previously possible on a direct detector.

  • Key Features

    • Possessing 6.5 μm pixels optimised for superior resolution (MTF) over a broad range of magnifications and exposure rates.
    • Unparalleled speed. The DE-16 offers speed that no other camera can match for small areas, and can be used for numerous applications on the same instrument.
    • Combining an integrated Faraday plate and a 2k × 2k survey sensor, users can access full-frame streaming at up to 92 frames per second or select smaller areas to readout at substantially faster frame rates (128 x 128 @ 6,096 fps).
    • On-chip correlated double sampling (CDS) for the lowest noise and best SNR at high-speed
    • User-adjustable frame rate in hardware to optimise SNR by reducing readout noise and global shutter mode to eliminate high-speed artefacts that affect other CMOS cameras
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