On-Site Integration of Automated Mineralogy

An AXT initiative for the stepwise pathway for the integration of Automated Mineralogy into the mine value chain

Use Automated Mineralogy Analysis for Liberation Analysis, Geometallurgical Optimisation, Ore Body Knowledge

  • Key Features

    • The TIMA is recognised as being the most comprehensive package for Automated Mineralogy with the software for liberation analysis is powerful with built in application specific workflows customisable for your operations
    • The TIMA is highly suitable for remote operations with the instrument giving a fast analysis, robust, easy to use and highly customisable
    • Start with a small project on your process plant to define the mineralogy : quantitatively with chemistry and associations, grain size, particle size in addition to element deportment
    • Learn how to use the reports to apply a geometallurgical interpretation of your mineral processing and be trained on the software
    • Install an instrument on-site for fast results to optimse process in real time
    • Maintain continuous operation, rapid turnaround with a minimal number of laboratory operators with automation software to support the unattended operation
    • Process samples in large batches and maintain high-efficiency data collection using the options for remote, multi-user off-line analysis
    • Comprehensive service and support Australia wide with highly trained service engineers and mineralogy consultants for your every need

On-site  Automated Mineralogy with the TIMA is ideal for complex ore bodies where fast liberation analysis is required to positively effect recovery and throughput.

On-site integration of Automated Mineralogy with the TIMA is a stepwise approach.   It starts with small projects to show the value of Automated Mineralogy for liberation analysis, followed by training in the software and geometallurgical interpretation of the results. Installing your own instrument on-site enables a fast turnaround of results enabling the liberation analysis to be used in real time to optimise your process metallurgy flow sheet

By analysing samples from various points in your workflow, you are able to  undertake a forensic analysis of the metallurgical processes enabling a pro-active approach leading to greater efficiency, higher recovery rates and increased productivity. The AMI Implementation process will:

  • Demonstrate the capability of AM by a methodical geometallurgical approach
  • Provide a safe, step wise approach to implementation
  • Ongoing training and mineralogical support
  • Training

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