Rapid Microanalytical LIBS Core Logging Services

CORE knowledge is ORE knowledge-Rapid microanalysis for element distribution and quantitative mineralogy

Element maps & quantitative mineralogy of core and geological samples with 50 µm resolution.

  • chemistry and mineralogy LIBS core scanning

    Key Features

    • Affordable scanning for micro analytical solutions
    • Scan core, irregular shaped mineral specimens and heavy mineral separates
    • Little or no sample prep even caters for wet core of all colour types
    • Fast turnaround
    • Major and minor element distribution including trace elements that are below the detection limit of bulk assays
    • Quantitative mineralogy with sub groups for different mineral chemistries
    • Software training provided save money and process your own data

Mineralogy is Core Knowledge

Use the latest in LIBS scanning technology to log your geological samples for both chemistry and mineralogy. The Automated Mineralogy Incubator (AMI) offers a unique service based on your needs.

The AMI enables you to access the high speed ECORE and CORIOSITY LIBS core scanner. This is the only system of its type in Australia. It will analyses in situ for all elements and is ideal for light elements that µXRF is unable to analyse such as Li, Be, B, C, O, H, Na. Additionally LIBS is sensitive to all the rare earth elements whereas µXRF will only do La, Ce, Pr and Nd. The LIBS technique is high sensitivity with lower limit of detection from high ppb to low ppm and this combined with a 50 µm resolution enables trace element mapping.

Use the Coriosity to determine:

  • Element Distribution
  • Quantitative Mineralogy
  • Map alteration patterns and define the different geological horizons
  • Use the different mineral chemistries to define the variable lithologies
  • Vector and navigate to the mineral ore deposits
  • Visualise the intergrowths and grain size

The ELEMISSION LIBS instruments are suitable for whole or cut core, core chips and pellets with a surface variability of +/- 2mm meaning no polishing required. The system requires no laboratory utilities such as vacuum or helium gases and the analysis is at the speed of light with no long data acquisition times required!

We offer:

  • Full turnkey service
  • Training for self access
  • Mineralogy consultants available

  • Elemission element map rapid core scanning

    Elemental Distributions and Concentrations

    • Small samples in areas of interest
    • Heat maps indicate concentration gradients of elements
    • Spatial distribution indicating zonation across a mineral and correlating to areas different mineralogy
  • Elemission high resolution high speed element maps

    High Resolution-High Speed Micro Analysis

    • Points per 40 mm2 – 640 000 analysis
    • Scan Area – max. 40 mm x 40 mm
    • Spatial Resolution – 50 µm
    • Analysis Scanning time – ~11 minutes at highest resolution
    • Sample – Jadarite samples showing analysis of Li & B as ore and other elements as gangue
  • Elemission Principal Component Analysis

    Principal Component Analysis

    Principal component analysis automatically groups areas of similar mineralogy based on mineral chemistry. This correlates nicely with the optical image but enables a higher level of detail when minerals are of the same colour and not visually distinguishable from each other of have small inclusions

    The subtle variations in mineralogy are detectable and due to LIBS sensitive to C, H and O, the alteration minerals are easily distinguishable from each other irrespective of their colour.

  • Elemission-automated mineraogy LIBS

    Automated Mineralogy

    Using the new Smart Automated Mineralogy software powered by artificial intelligence, the system combines mineral identity with quantification. A few samples require analysis by TIMA first to define the mineralogy and this is correlated into the SAM library.

  • Heavy Mineral Separates-Mineral Mapping

    • Quickly scan heavy Mineral Separates for trace element chemistry and mineralogy
    • Simply sprinkle sample onto double sided tape
    • A 10 x 10 mm area has a scan time of 136 seconds with a 50 µm spot size and resolution
    • The Smart Automated Mineralogy Software can create phases with different mineral chemistry for example Almandine with high Ca, low Ca or High Mn
    • The user can create as many definitions as desired relating to major and minor element composition
    • Another example is ilmenite with different Fe:Ti ratio’s
  • Heavy Mineral Separates-Element Mapping

    Blue – Zr → zircon
    Red – Y → xenotime
    Yellow – Fe → all Fe-bearing oxides and silicates (the most intensive colour refers to magnetite)