Combining high-throughput core scanning and imaging

Bring automated mineralogy to your site – analyse all elements directly

  • Elemission ECORE FLEX LIBS core scanner for mining and geology

    Key Features

    • High-speed core scanning
    • Quantitative automated mineralogy - Powered by artificial intelligence
    • Versatility - Suits drill cores, rock chips, thin sections and pellets
    • Portable - Ideal for field deployment
    • No sample preparation required
    • Digitise your core samples rapidly - Build a digital mineral library accessible anywhere/anytime

The ECORE FLEX combines the higher-throughput core scanning capabilities of the ECORE and the compact form factor of the CORIOSITY. This makes it ideal for more samples analysed for overnight un-attended operation while the versatility of ECORE FLEX allows you to quickly adapt different sample types e.g. different core diameters of pellet sizes.

The ECORE FLEX was commissioned by the CSIRO ARRC and the same design is now available for you.

Elemission ECORE Flex- high throughput core scanning combining the benefits of the ECORE and Coriosity