Optimise recovery with real time analysis of your feed

Process optimisation with the Continuous On Belt Real time Analysis of minerals and chemistry

  • Elemission COBRA on belt LIBS analyser

    Key Features

    • Real time chemistry instant chemistry for ore reconciliation
    • Real time mineralogy with concentration feeding into PLC to adjust reagents
    • All elements analysed including light elements not analysed by XRF
    • Reduce quantity of lab assays and save on chemicals
    • Continuous assays of ore on belt for a real time running average


The ELEMISSION Continuous On-Belt Real Time Analyser (COBRA) is designed to go over a conveyor belt to analyse both the elemental and mineralogical composition of ore. It combines state of the art hardware with chemometrics to provide Industry 4.0 Process Analytical Technology. It is micro analysis on a macro scale of the ore with the results being directly integrated into the Plant Logic Controller to effect real time adjustments to plant operating conditions dependant on the mineralogy of the ore in addition to feed reconciliation.


  • Analysis of the feed (24/7/365) giving real time composition
  • Provide both mineralogy and elemental data
  • Reducing the quantity of samples required for classical analysis thus realizing cost benefits by reducing the number of instruments required, laboratory consumables and staff
  • QA for improved quality of the final product for feed diversion or rapid response adjustments to plant parameters such as dosing or reagents
  • All
  • Automated Mineralogy
  • CL
  • Core Scanning
  • Hyperspectral
  • LALI-TOF-MS - Laser Ablation Laser Induced Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry
  • LIBS
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • NMR
  • Raman
  • SEM
  • Spectroscopy