The DuaLIBS is two instruments in one, using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy it analyses slurry's and pressed powders pellets giving both quantitative chemistry and mineralogy.

Measure slurry’s for chemistry and mineralogy in real time for process optimisation.
Measure the concentrate purity with mineralogy and mineral chemistry.

  • elemission DuaLIBS LIBS for Slurry and powders

    Key Features

    • Real time slurry analysis with results linked to the plant PLC allowing for automatic dosing to optimise recovery
    • Simultaneuous analysis of all elements with high sensitivity to light elements including H, Be, Li, B, C, F, O and Na
    • Simultaneuous mineralogy monitoring ore in addition to minerals deleterious to process
    • Standoff measurements so the analysing optics in the instruments are not exposed to harsh chemicals
    • Accurate measurements for differing slurry densities with a robust calibration
    • Pressed pellets on a rotating sample changer allowing multiple samples to be prepared in a batch mode and then measured
    • Both quantitative mineralogy and mineral chemistry recorded giving knowledge of the mineralogy of the deportment of deleterious elements

A Elemission Slurry instrument for quantitative measurements of slurry bottles and pressed powder pellets on an automatic sample changer

  • The DuaLIBS provides quantitative analysis of elements in addition to the mineralogy. Over 10 elements can be analysed simultaneously with mineralogy determined too.

    The automatic sample changer for the pressed pellets quickly analyses all the samples on the carousel.

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