MQC/MQC+ Benchtop NMR

Fast and easy NMR for QA/QC applications

The MQC+ Time Domain Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (TD-NMR) analyser provides fast, easy-to-use and accurate analysis in the food, agriculture, petrochemical, polymer, textile and other industries.

  • Oxford Instruments MQC+ Benchtop NMR for QA & QC applications

    Key Features

    • Accurate measurements - A bulk analysis technique that measures all parts of the sample, not just the surface
    • Fast analysis - Results delivered in seconds or minutes. Perfect for quality control
    • Simple operation - Minimal operator training required. Software uses step-by-step user guidance
    • Standards compliant - Uses many industry standards and methods
    • Low cost of ownership - Low maintenence and running costs
    • Versatility - 3 models to suit your specific application
    • Reliable - Rugged, robust hardware and simple calibration routines ensure consistent results independent of operator with industry-leading uptime
    • Remote operation - MQC+ can be controlled over the internet
    • Environmentally-friendly - No hazardous substances are required
    • Sample holders - A range of sample holders to suit various applications and sizes
    • Futureproof - MQC+ has been designed future enhance capabilities

Applications of MQC/MQC+ Benchtop NMRs

Applications of the Oxford Instruments MQC/MQC+ benchtop NMR include:

FoodOil in snack foods, total fat in chocolate, fat in foodstuffs and Solid Fat Content (SFC)
AgricultureOil and water in oilseeds and their residues,
oil in dried olive paste and oil in dried palm mesocarp
TextilesSpin finish on fibre, also known as Oil Pick-Up (OPU), Finish on Yarn (FoY), lubricant
and avivage
Consumer productsLotion on fabric and fluorine in toothpaste
PetroleumHydrogen content in fuel, oil content in waxes and wax content in petroleum products
PolymersXylene solubles in polypropylene, plasticiser in PVC, polymer density & crystallinity,
oil in rubber and fluorine content
OtherFluorine in powders (e.g. fluorspar, alumina) and limestone filler in asphalt

3 Models to Suit Your Needs

  1. Inhomogeneous samples (40 – 100 ml sample volume)
  2. Sensitivity (0.2 – 14 ml sample volume)
  3. Fluorine

Sample Automation

Increase throughput further by adding our MQ-Auto sample automation system.

  • Introduction to the MQC+ Benchtop NMR

    This short video provides a concise overview of the features and capabiluties of the Oxford Instruments MQC+ benchtop NMR.

  • MQ-Auto Sample Automation for MQC+ Benchtop NMR Systems

    The MQ-Auto is the ideal solution for high-throughput environments. The automated workflow allows you to save time and maximise efficiency.