Every element mapped at high resolution and speed

High speed, high resolution geological core analysis for elemental maps and mineral images

  • Elemission Coriosity - LIBS Core Scanner

    Key Features

    • Every element with high sensitivity to light elements including H, Be, Li, B, C, F, O and Na
    • High resolution down to 50 μm
    • High speed at 40 sec/cm2
    • Low operating costs at ambient temperature and pressure
    • No sample preparation accomodating a surface roughness of 6 mm


The ultimate innovation in geological core analysis providing high-speed and high-resolution mineralogy by element mapping.  It is micro analysis with speeds faster than any other analytical method for element or mineral analysis

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) analyses the whole periodic table including elements that are invisible to ambient X-ray technology such as H, Be, Li, B, C, F, O and Na. The sensitivity is from trace (sub-ppm) to percent concentrations and this ensures accurate mapping so alteration minerals with slight changes in chemisty can be clearly defined for geological studies.

The MISSION : CORIOSITY requires no sample preparation and will analyse diverse samples with a surface height variation of 6 mm.  Analysis is conducted at room temperature and pressure. No additional gases are required.

At a 50 μm high resolution the full surface is analysed for every element in 40 sec/cm2. A lower resolution analysis offers higher speeds of 10 sec/cm2.

The only benchtop core analyser offering ALL the elements, high speed AND high resolution.

  • ELEMISSION_Zinwaldite 1

    Element Maps on a sample of lithium bearing Zinnwaldite mineral

    Area 10 x 20 mm with a 50 μm spot size and 50 μm spacings

    Analysis time 80 secs

  • ELEMISSION-Lepidpolite 1

    Element Maps on a sample of lithium bearing lepidolite mineral

    Area 8 x 8 mm with a 50 μm spot size and 50 μm spacings

    Analysis time 26 secs

  • Element Map showing gold

  • Analysis of core at 1000 analytical points per second

    Each point 50 μm

    Element quantification AND mineralogy

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