Understand automated mineralogy, demonstrate effectiveness, develop onsite integration

  • The Automated Mineralogy Incubator brings together best-in-class instrumentation and an experienced mineralogical team. It was created as a bridge between research and industry to enable the routine use of state of the art techniques. It houses the TIMA-X with 100 sample autoloader and MISSION:CORIOSITY.

    The TIMA-X is a scanning electron microscope technique designed for high throughput analysis of samples. The samples are typically from exploration geology for low level mineralogy with mineral chemistry and deportment studies, or from process metallurgy for liberation analysis to review mineral associations and grain size analysis.

    The MISSION:CORIOSITY is a LIBS technique for high though put of core. It is microanalysis on a macro scale. With LIBS, all elements are analysed and with the resolution and speed offered the core is quickly characterised.

    The AMI offers an economical, low risk pathway to try automated mineralogy.