Automated Mineralogy Incubator (AMI)

Mineralogy is CORE Knowledge

  • The Automated Mineralogy Incubator (AMI)  brings together best-in-class instrumentation, disruptive new technologies with a world class mineralogical and metallurgical team.

    We will provide a solution rather than an instrument

  • On-Site Integration of Automated Mineralogy 

    On-Site Integration of Automated Mineralogy   The TIMA-X can be integrated into your production environment. By analysing samples from various points in your workflow, the data produced can be used to optimise discrete processes that ultimately result in greater efficiency, higher recovery rates and increased productivity. The AMI Implementation process will:

    • Identify the key areas of benefit to recovery
    • Demonstrate the capability  of AM
    • Provide a safe step wise approach to implementation
    • Ongoing training and mineralogical support
    On-Site Integration of Automated Mineralogy 
  • Core Logging Services

    Core Logging Services

    The AMI has unique technologies for Geological samples. Get the most out of your precious core and uncover what you will miss with other techniques

    • Simultaneous Geotechnical/Geochemical CORE scanning
    • Rapid Microanalytical LIBS for high resolution mineralogy and chemistry at speed
  • Automated Mineralogy Services

    The AMI can provide access to instrumentation on a time share or bulk basis. We can train your staff to take over analysis and reporting. We have two common service types:

    • Exploration Geology
    • Process optimization
    Automated Mineralogy Services
  • Consultancy Services

    Consultancy Services

    The AMI has a depth of experience in gaining the most benefit to your site in understanding your mineralogy and the benefits to be gained by implementing a geometalurgical approach to your operations.