Micromanipulator for Life Science

For highly sensitive electrophysiological recordings

The MM3A-LS micromanipulator is employed by scientists around the world and is renowned for long-term stability and precision and has earned Kleindiek Nanotechnik a reputation for top-of-the-line manipulation solutions.

  • Key Features

    • Compact and flexible - Small and practical with a plug-and-play system and modular components that provides interfacing solutions for most microscopes. With fast setup and removal allowing for effortless work with multiple manipulators
    • Robust and stable - Compact construction delivers higher resonance frequencies with excellent stability and low drift (1 nm/min). Reliable operation (one year endurance test) and virtually insusceptible to vibrations makes this an extremely robust and stable micromanipulator
    • Fast and precise - No backlash or reversal play, sub-nanometer resolution (0.25 nm) and extensive working range (100 cm³). Integrated coarse and fine displacement in one drive and high operating velocity (up to 10 mm/sec)
  • Force Measurement System 

    This force transducer can be fitted with a glass capillary in order to apply force to a sample. A typical application is to apply a known force to skin samples and record the nerves response using a patch clamp set-up.

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