Introducing integrated super-resolution correlative light and electron microscopy

Fully integrated correlative super-resolution (SR) optical microscopy in combination with an electron microscope.


    Key Features

    • Correlative SR Fluorescence and SEM
    • Modular and easy to use
    • Unrivalled overlay accuracy

The SECOM SR is an integrated platform for correlative light and electron microscopy which uses super-resolution (SR) optical microscopy in combination with an electron microscope.

This system possesses all the features of the SECOM system, but is equipped with an extremely powerful optical microscope for yet more detail down to the nanoscale to study the complex relationbetween form and function in biology.

In recent years, super-resolution microscopy has proven itself to be an extremely powerful technique in biological research. With the invention of SR microscopy, it is now possible to precisely localize biomolecules at length scales that were previously only accessible using electron microscopy. Especially at this length scale, it is important to visualize and understand the micro-environment of these biomolecules; resolution only becomes truly valuable with contextual information.

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