3D Cell Explorer 96focus

Bringing unlimited high content analysis to label-free live cell imaging

Unlock the power of unlimited high content live cell analysis with the 3D Cell Explorer 96focus.

  • Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer 96focus live cell imaging system for high throughput imaging

    Key Features

    • Streamlined, automated workflows - Saves time and money
    • Long-term monitoring of cells label-free
    • High content, multiplexed, reliable live cell data
    • Cutting-edge digital analysis solutions - Fully integrated

With Nanolive’s 96-well capacity and its dynamic high content unbiased data, reduce the number of separate or parallel experiments needed, thereby reducing the use of expensive cell lines and reagents.

This fully automated solution combines multiple digital assays with automated acquisition and analysis to reduce the hands-on time needed to run experiments. Its automated, walkaway label-free imaging nature allows you to set your acquisition and analysis running and return when imaging is completed.

Label-Free Imaging

Nanolive’s label-free operation frees you from the limitations of reagents or cell properties. It goves yu the freedom to image your cells as frequently as you want over dyas while they remain comfortable in the stage-top incubator. Even fragile and sensitive cells can be imaged for long durations without fixing, damage, or phototoxicity.

Lable-free imaging allows you to capture and observe in great detail, complex dynamic processes such:

  • Neural network formation
  • Mitochondrial dynamics
  • Stem cell differentiation
  • Cell-cell killing

Live Cell Data

Effortlessly collect high content, multiplexed, reliable live cell data at the:

  • Cell population level
  • Single cell level
  • Subcellular level

Digital Assays

Nanolive has dedicated modules that cater for:

  • Cytotoxicity – LIVE Cytotoxicity Assay
  • Immuno-oncology – LIVE T Cell Assay
  • Metaobolism – Smart Lipid Droplet Assay