Ultra-Fast Large Area Biological Image Acquisition

FAST-EM is a revolution in large area biological imaging using multibean EM technology allowing you to image extremely large areas in short times.

  • DELMIC FAST-EM ultra fast large area biological imaging

    Key Features

    • Ultrafast - 100 times faster than normal SEM imaging in no time
    • Extremely large area imaging – Covers cm2 of samples in reasonable timeframes
    • Easy 3D volumetric imaging - Imaging several sections in just minutes creating tomography datasets
    • Statistically conclusive results – Easily examine large areas generating statistically relevant datasets
    • Fully automated - Seamless unattended operation freeing you to perform data analysis
    • No sample staining required – Label-free imaging using DELMIC’s optical STEM technology
    • High contrast imaging - Create contrast without any staining

Optical STEM Detector

Good news, DELMIC can now supply a optical STEM detector compatibe with any SEM

  • Compatible with your exisitng SEM
  • Can replace any BSE detector
  • Increased contrast compared to conventinal BSE detectors
  • Orders of magnitude faster than existing BSE detectors
  • Scintillator is used as the sample support with no need for post staining
  • Extremely affordable


FAST-EM automated large area biological imaging can be applied to many fields including:

  • Pathology
  • Connectomics
  • Toxicology
  • Cell biology

  • Introduction to FAST-EM

    Run time – 1:41min

    FAST-EM is a breakthrough for high-resolution SEM biological imaging. With this highly automated and robust system, large area imaging of biological specimens can which may have taken weeks or months, can now be achieved 100 times faster using FAST-EM’s 64 parallel electron beams and automated workflow.

  • The FAST-EM Workflow

    This demonstration illustrates the steps in the FAST-EM workflow and shows you how easy it is to use, as well how much time you can save.

  • FAST-EM Launch

    In case you missed it, this in-depth video covers the official launch of the FAST-EM system.

    FAST-EM is a groundbreaking development fro DELMIC that allows you to image your biological thin section 100x times faster than a conventional SEM with unrivalled reliability.

    This video covers the workflow and demonstrates how the system can be used unattended to generate large 2D and 3D images that would have taken days or even weeks on more conventional systems. This allows you to spend more time doing valuable analysis!

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