HG-200 GenoLyte® – Compact Tissue Homogeniser

Laboratory Equipment for Sample Preparation & Handling

Powerful, compact homogenizer for plant & animal tissue

  • Cole Parmer genolyte tissue homogeniser

    Key Features

    • Automated mechanical disruption through bead beating ideal for cell lysis applications including DNA/ RNA extraction and protein extraction
    • Clear lid allows visual access to grinding process
    • Interchangeable vial holders 6x 2mL vials, 4x 5mL vials, 2x 7mL vials or 2x 12mL vials
    • Safety interlock switch stops the motor if the lid is opened during the grinding process
    • Digital display screen shows run times in minute : second format
    • Rate & timer controls adjust speed and set time
    • Start, stop and pause buttons control grinding process

The HG-200 GenoLyte® (formerly SPEX SamplePrep 1200 GenoLyte) is the ideal solution for labs that want a compact yet powerful tissue homogeniser and cell lyser. It is equipped with interchangeable sample vial holders allowing a variety of vial types from 2 mL to 12 mL. It is specifically designed for rapid cell disruption, cell lysis and tissue homogenisation through bead beating, enabling fast and efficient extraction of nucleic acids, proteins and other molecules of interest.

Applications include: Tissue Homogenisation, DNA/RNA Research and extraction, Cell Lysis, Protein Extraction, Biofuel research

Typical samples include: Animal & plant tissue, cell cultures, bacteria, yeast, stool, soil