HG-600 Geno/Grinder® 2010 – Automated Tissue Homogeniser and Cell Lyser

Laboratory Equipment for Sample Preparation & Handling

Automated tissue homogenizer and cell lyser

  • Cole-Parmer HG-600 Geno/Grinder tissue homogeniser cell lyser formerly SPEX SamplePrep Geneo/Ginder 2010

    Key Features

    • Automated mechanical disruption through bead beating ideal for high-throughput cell lysis applications including DNA/ RNA extraction, protein extraction and pesticide residue analysis
    • Programmable touch screen control panel Up to 500 protocols (run time, rate, cycles and pause time) can be saved for recall.
    • Designed for vigorous up-and-down shaking deep-well titer plates, vial sets, and centrifuge tubes.
    • Optional Kryo-Tech® Accessories enable cryogenic grinding and preserve temperature sensitive samples for RNA and protein extractions.
    • Adjustable clamp with a release button allows users to secure vials or titer plates of various sizes
    • Quick sample processing time of 1-2 minutes

The HG-600 Geno/Grinder® 2010 (formerly SPEX SamplePre Geno/Grinder 2010) is specifically designed for rapid cell disruption, cell lysis and tissue homogenisation through bead beating.  This enables fast and efficient extraction of nucleic acids, proteins and other molecules.  The new model Geno/Grinder incorporates a password protected, touch screen control panel, enabling the user to program run time, rate, cycles and pause time.

The Geno/Grinder is also the ideal tool for the QuEChERS method used for extracting pesticide residues and other organic compounds.

The Geno/Grinder enables increased throughput, improved extraction efficiency and reproducibility over traditional sample preparation methods. A full range of pre-loaded sample vials for different sample types is also available for fast and simple set up.


Applications include for the HG-600 automated tissue homogeniser and cell lyser include:

  • DNA/RNA Research and extraction
  • Cell lysis
  • Pesticide residue extraction
  • Protein extraction
  • Biofuel research
  • QuEChERS.

Sample Types

Typical samples processed using HG-600 automated tissue homogeniser and cell lyser include:

  • Animal tissue
  • Plant Tissue
  • Cell cultures
  • Fruit
  • Cannabis
  • Seeds
  • Yeast
  • Bacteria

Geno/Grinder® Accessories Manual

  • The HG-600 Geno/Grinder 2010 is specifically designed for vigorous up-and-down shaking of deep well titer plates or sample tubes up to 50mL. It provides an efficient mechanism for plant and animal tissue homogenization or cell lysis for the extraction of DNA, RNA, enzymes, proteins and pesticides. Cryogenic accessories allow the user to homogenize temperature sensitive or tough samples.

  • The HG-800 Geno/Grinder® is an automated plant and animal tissue homogenizer and cell lyser that integrates with automated, robotic systems. It has the same vigorous, up-and-down grinding motion as the HG-600 Geno/Grinder 2010. The average processing time for each cycle is two minutes or less. It has a versatile clamp accommodates titer plates, vials and all standard SPE plates.

    This automated homogenizer is ideal for high-throughput processing of samples for isolation of nucleic acids (RNA/DNA), enzymes, yeast, proteins, and bacteria. It allows users to run a large number of preloaded stacked titer plates unattended. Samples can be pulverized with or without buffer using a variety of grinding media. Typical samples include animal tissue, plant tissue, cell cultures, yeast, fruit, and bacteria.